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Welcome to My Scottish Football Club Jason Hope

General Aims:

To run Newmains United Community Football Club.
Gain lease of the ground.
Develop the club’s overall structure.
Develop the profile of the club within the local Community.
Offer the fans a chance to come onboard and make a difference.
Develop initiatives and promote the club worldwide.
Develop links with other appropriate clubs or groups.
The MyScotFC website:

As well as a forum and voting rights, we offer MyScotFC members the chance to submit articles and even contribute to the overall content of the site. The official website of Newmains United will still be home to the standard features, whilst the MyScotFC one will see any streaming/archive media. We hope to bring all members interviews with the coaching staff, players, match footage and audio. We will endeavour to offer live audio coverage of matches and delayed full match footage, it may be that this will not be entirely deliverable. My Scot TV currently only offers extended match highlights, interviews and other footage. The MyScotFC website will also be home to any voting, this is where the real power will come from and how all major club decisions will be made. MyScotFC is run by donations made from members, so feel free to contribute.

You, the prospective MyScotFC member, will be able to become as involved as you wish. From delivering development proposals and initiatives to working on things such as a club magazine or website features the power will be in your hands. If you have coaching qualifications then you could become involved there too and, perhaps, one day we will actually run both the club and make up the coaching team. There is also the chance for each member to gain a trial with the club. It’s an exciting prospect and we at MyScotFC hope you’ll take the journey with us.

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MY SCOT FC Limited, (SC348071). Company Registered in Scotland.
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